Illinois Public Service Institute recognizes the importance of promoting the advancement of public works among persons professionally involved in the delivery of public works infrastructure and services, the Illinois Chapter of the American Public Works Association and the Chicago Metropolitan Chapter of the American Public Works Association formed a partnership to develop and promote educational and technical opportunities for their members. The joint venture began in 2002 when the two chapters agreed to underwrite the financial cost to develop the "Illinois Public Service Institute". The objective is to develop and provide mid- career development and training for municipal and county supervisory employees. There were 50 participants in the first class. The reputation of the program speaks for itself and by 2007, the attendance has more than tripled.

The Institute consists of a three-year training program, which provides instruction expressly designed for public service employees. The IPSI course is divided into three one-week sessions focusing on leadership development, service excellence and personal supervisory skills. The sessions are non-sequential and one may begin the three-year cycle at any time. The program is held each fall and repeated the following spring at Keller's Convention Center in Effingham, Illinois.

IPSI is an outstanding program that will help you reach your professional goals and enhance your effectiveness and efficiency on the job.